One of life’s difficult moments is going through a break-up. You feel devastated, down and dejected inside. Outside looks so gloomy and grey. Friends told you to “move on” and “go out” but its so tough.Here are some ways to help you to overcome a break-up.

1. Remember it’s the other partner’s loss. Not yours.

Love takes two hands to clap. If your ex choose not to continue to clap with you, its his choice. Painful. Also, this does not mean you are worthless or unworthy of love. In fact, flip your thinking. Your ex has missed an opportunity to feel loved. This break up is his loss, not yours.

2. Share your feelings.

Bottling up your feelings is harmful. Seeking comfort through bottles is also unwise. To overcome feeling of rejection, connect. Reach out to your true friends and talk about it. Good friends listen to one another’s problem. Sharing your story makes the lonely night feel a bit less uncomfortable.  

Your ex has missed an opportunity to feel loved. This break up is his loss, not yours.

3. Seek a closure. 

Some break-ups end with a proper explanation (valid or not) for breaking up. A closure helps you to move on. For some, you might not know why your ex broke off the relationship. In this case, seek a closure without your ex. Conduct a goodbye ritual. Write a goodbye letter depicting the good and the bad memories. Gather photos and items that symbolize the relationship in a bundle. Review each of them. Cry over the loss if need be. Then dispose the items and letter. Say your goodbye to the relationship. Mentally choose to move on.

Remember you are whole and lovable despite everything that happened. This loss will pass.

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